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Puyo Puyo Games Online

Puyo Puyo is a tile-matching puzzle game series that was developed (& created) by the Japanese company Compile in 1991. Puyo Puyo is an alternative puzzler to other popular classic video games such as Tetris and Columns. The main objective in these games is to match colored slime-like creatures that fall from the top of the screen together (Vertically or Horizontally). Try to outmatch your opponent before your screen fills up with creatures. Most of these games have 3 basic modes including Single (Single Player vs Computer with different levels), Double (2 Player vs modes), and Endless (Play for a high score, on a stage that gradually becomes harder and harder with no end). If you love matching you have to give the free online Puyo Puyo games below a try. This series definitely deserves more play!
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