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Pac-Man Games Online

Namco developed Pac-Man (created by Toru Iwatani, Shigeo Funaki, Shigeichi Ishimura, and Toshio Kai) (AKA: Puck-Man in Japan) took the world by storm when it was released in Arcades in 1980. It was the biggest arcade release at the time and was the game that made arcade venues popular. Sparking a large cult following of Pac-Man players competing to gain the highest scores in arcades. Pac-Man’s madness was so large even a song was made in 1981 (By Jerry Buckner & Gary Garcia) called “Pac-Man Fever” lol. On this page, you’ll find the classic game series released in arcades and on home consoles, official spin-offs, and indie fan-made games. These free online Pac-man games can be played using a PC or mobile web browser. Have fun playing and reliving this timeless classic!
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