Tetris (Game Boy)

Game Description: Tetris for Game Boy is the most popular Handheld Tetris game of all time. Well, Tetris was originally bundled with North American and European Game Boy consoles, so I’m sure that helped with the popularity. This version plays exactly like other versions released around the same time. As blocks fall from the top you’ll create lines to remove blocks. Line score will be counted. As you progress through the game difficulty will ramp up and your level will increase. Basic Tetris at its best and if your a 90’s kid (like me) there is a lot of nostalgia with this game!

Controls: “Enter Key” = Start Game. “Arrow Keys” = Move. “Z” and “X” Keys = Action Keys.  To Save Game Progress State Press = [Shift+F2], Load Progress State [Shift+F4], or use Save/Load buttons seen in-menu when scrolling mouse over.

Platform Information: Gameboy. Played with JAVA online. Created By Nintendo R&D1 in 1989.